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I personally donate 2,000 to 4,000 hours of my time every year and have donated or $450,000 over the past 31 years.. Unfortunately I had to file for bankruptcy in 2010 so Im now relying on dvd sales and donations to make productions. Please make a donation today. Thank you for your support.

All actors under the age of 14 must have a parent or parent appointed guardian on set at all times.

My films are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. For more information on film ratings please see their website.


Our target audience is age 8 to 16. Grown ups may like the films but they we never written or designed for people over the age of 16 except for Echo Beach the Movie which has a target audience 16 to 26.

Sterling Productions is a not for profit and everyone working on our productions are volunteers.  We create opportunities for young actors to build the particle experience that they require to find work in the film and television industry.

Just like hockey football or anything else for that matter, it takes about ten thousand hours of particle experience before anyone will consider you a professional.

Please help our youth by making a donation today.

Hi there,

Welcome to SterlingProductions.ca the internet home of indy not for profit film maker Sterling Johnston. I am a one man band type artist. I do everything from writing the scripts, to building the sets, producing the productions and final selling them.   The plan is to make enough money  to cover the cost of making a film and hopefully fund the next.

Sterling Johnston

Writer, Producer, Director

Latest News!

We are back up and running. Covid 19 rules really caused problems for our filming schedule this year. Lots of planning to do and filming restarts in 2021.

Gregs Treasure Map will start filming in April 2021. This will be our third attempt to make the film.  We are setting the production dates six months in advance so the actors can lock the dates in.

The 2021 filming season is starting to shape up with five new film projects in the works. We also have others not listed yet.

2020 film. All girl cast version of The Christmas Tree Lot titled Tree for Christmas . Completed

1. U12 Boys Diving

2. You Sunk My Dads Boat July 2021

  1. 3.Greg’s Treasure Map, The forth attempt. Some new cast members April 2021

  2. 4.A large Cast Zombie film Destination Zombie Zones August 2021

  3. 5.Warrior Ghost August 2021

  4. 6.Large Cast Sports Film TBA

Hockey Team Video

Please make a donation to help cover the cost of making the Hockey Team Video. Thank you for your support.

This page was last updated October 2, 2020

Updated weekly

Please support the young actor by way of donation as it is our only source of funding.


Zombie Warriors feature film Donations

Outstanding Loan $-2240

Donations to Ghost of Lake Opeongo Feature Film Project

Loan Outstanding $-2235

Christmas Tree Lot feature film Loan $-800

Please support the Girls feature film project by making a donation to the project. Currently in production.  Loan -$400. Click Here!

Trees for Christmas

Trees for Christmas

Please make a donation to the boys feature film project U12 Boys Diving. This film will have a running time of 90 mins and be rated PG when completed. Filming Dec 2020.

Sponsor a boys diving lessons. Six months to one year of lessons will be required to act in this film.

U12 Boys Diving

U12 Boys Diving

Zombie Warriors Press Coverage

Sterling Productions.ca

We also just started a Go Fund Me Campaign

for people who would rather donate there. We do lose a % of the funds to Go Fund Me website. But it’s what ever you would like to do.


Above is the Hockey Team Video I volunteered to film and edit.

Above is the parents year end video

Sterling Johnston Films

News September 13, 2020

With the Covic 19 kicking around it’s very hard to line up actors to take Diving lessons for the U12 Boys Diving. The Diving Club has restarted diving lessons so hopefully the actors we already paid their diving lessons go back. We will also be casting some new actors for the film. Just email me if your son is interested in taking Diving Lessons for a year. sterlingjohnston@hotmail.com Update Myles Stevens has signed up for lessons and Evan Drake is planning to sign up.

Casting Call Boys age 8 to 13 interesting in one year of free Olympic dive training and working on the U12 Boys diving film please contact us as soon as possible. Diving lessons sign up deadline is Sept 30. 2020. Must live in Guelph,  Fergus,  Elora Kitchener, Waterloo Area.

Also we need to do some fundraising to buy a new replacement editing computer. Its amazing how crappy Mac  makes their computers now days. Ours is dead and we need a new one to edit films.

We are starting a new line up of productions. We have about 16 productions in the works. So we are reopening our casting calls to boys age 8 to 12. Just send me a quick email and we will set up a meeting.

Theses are trying times. Be safe everyone, Stay home and avoid large crowds.

News September 26 2020

Yikes what a week. I fell in a 40 foot deep pond with the broadcast camera and Evan jumped in to save me. We are now fundraising for a replacement camera and the boys diving lessons. Evan Drake is a hero in my books. Please support his Diving Lessons and his movie projects, Thank you for your support. U12 Boys Diving   Greg’s Treasure Map

Up Date Oct 2 2020

Thank You Kevin C. for helping out with the boys hockey video costs. $200

Thank You Michael B for helping out with the replacement camera $250

Thank You Ken S. for sponsoring Evan’s Fall Diving Lessons.

Thank You James M for sponsoring the boys diving lessons.

Thankk you to Mathew R. U12 boys diving film $50 and $20 to Greg’s Treasure Map

Thank you to Mark P. $127.68 towards Evan’s Winter Diving lessons

12 Year old Evan Drake will be starring in Greg’s Treasure Map as Greg.  We plan to star filming April 3 and have it in the can by the end of June 2021.

For more information about this production please click here.

If you would like some family photos please email me and we will set up a photo shoot.

Available light

No flash,

You pic the location.

Fall Special

$120 per session.

For more information please click here.


New Casting Call Oct 2 2020

Boys age 10 to 12 for Fall Colours Portrait photo shoot.  two 2 hour photo sessions after school or on weekends. A parent or Guardian must be on location. For more information please contact sterlingjohnston@hotmail.com

I am setting up some limited prints of my photos to sell to help make money for the film. Also possible auctions actor  autographed prints as well. Stay tuned for more news on when and where to find the auctions.

Fundraiser Silent Auction  coming Soon

Oct 17, 2020

Actors Aiden and James bring us up to date with fundraising and their photo shoot. We will be auctioning off some glossy photograph prints and other items that are easy to ship. Please come back soon for all the auction details. We are working on how to make it work. Thank you for your support and please feel free to show your support for their films projects.  Fan mail can be sent via Sterling Productions.