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Sterling Productions is a not for profit and everyone working on the project is a volunteer.  We provide the practical on the set experience that young actors require to find work in the film and television industry. Like hockey, football or anything else for that matter, it takes thousands of hours of practice to become a professional.

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It’s January 2017 and 13 year old Wayne has taking on the task of teaching the inner city boys at his youth club how to swim. Wayne becomes friend with one student who is homeless and tries to help him overcome the problem. Hollywood star Robert Nickels swings by for a visit only to find his friend is missing and the Youth Center is in danger of closing. The girls at the center challenge the boys to a swim meet to settle who gets the pool first after school.

Please feel free to make a donation to help make the film. It does take a huge amount of money to make a production of this size.

The film will be finished and will be out for purchase on DVD very soon.

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Please note that all actors under 14 must have a parent or parent appointed guardian on set at all times. 

The art house drama will be rated G when complete and have a 42 min running time. Filmed in HD

Photos by Sterling Johnston