U12 Boys Diving Feature Film Project


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Please support the young actors by making a Donation to the production fund, Thank you for your support.

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A boy befriends the new kid at school who is on the local dive team. His new friend convinces him to join the team.

The film will be Rated PG when completed,

Running time of 80 mins

Filming July 2021

Renting a pool with Dive Platforms is very expensive so we are setting the budget at $15,000 so we really need to step up our fundraising efforts.

Casting Call for boys 10 to 12 with competitive dive training.  No acting experience required.

Please email your sons picture and background information to casting@sterlingproductions.ca

Casting call for Boys age 8 to 10 Now Open

We have a very exciting opportunity for 5 boys age 8 to 13 to star in this adventure drama Feature Film U12.

We will cover the cost of dive lessons for one year.

No acting experience required.

Must have deep end swimming skills.

Must be willing to train with a Competitive Dive Team for up to one year in prep for filming.

Must be willing to commit an equal amount of time to film acting training.

Must be will to commit to completing the project once started.

If you are interested in this project please email your sons picture and resume to Director Sterling Johnston casting@sterlingproductions.ca

Please sponsor one or all of the actors year long dive training programs with a competitive dive team.

Aiden Johnston age 10

Connor Johnston age 11

Myles Stevens age 9  Signed back up Sept 2020

Logan Cartier age 10

Sidney Cartier age 8

Decklin Cartier age 7

Finn Camp age 8

Evan Drake age 12 Signed Back up

Ezra Scheffer age 8

New Guy Age 12

Sponsor a boys diving lessons Six months to one years of lessons will be required.

This page was last updated October 8 2020

Latest Production News

Sept 13, 2020

With Covid 19 around it put the film on hold but we have now started diving lessons back up for the actors.

Feb 2020

The film is starting to gain traction. We have 7 boys in diving lessons already and a few more that are interested.  I have received some replies on renting pools with 5 meter diving boards.  We will start fundraising for the pool costs soon as I need to book them in advance.

To the left is actor Myles Stevens age 9

Below is actor Evan Drake when he was age 11

News September 26 2020

Yikes what a week. I fell in a 40 foot deep pond with the broadcast camera and Evan jumped in to save me. We are now fundraising for a replacement camera and the boys diving lessons. Evan Drake is a hero in my books. Please support his Diving Lessons and his movie projects, Thank you for your support. U12 Boys Diving   Greg’s Treasure Map

Great News! Sept 27, 2020

Thank you Ken S. for sponsoring Actor Evan Drakes diving lessons for the fall session.

Actor Evan Drake 12 years old